Local area:

If your address is located within a 3.5 hour drive from zip code 45308, you qualify for a $25 discount per visit for the ISF calibration or Advanced Audio calibration.


Get together with your Home Theater buddies and save! If you let someone in your area know about ISF calibrations by Chad B and schedule your appointments together, you and your friends qualify for $50 off per ISF or Advanced Audio calibration! Just have them mention your referral when they contact us to schedule their appointment. The referral special is valid in primary service areas only (see map on tours page).

Meter Profile Combo:

Save $100 on in home meter profiling when combined with an Express Plus or ISF video calibration.

Returning customers:

If you've upgraded from a display you've had me calibrate and would like an ISF calibration on the new one, you qualify for a $50 discount.

Multiple display calibration:

If you have multiple displays you would like to have calibrated, a $100 discount will be applied to each ISF calibration (or $50 discount for Express Plus calibration) after the first.  A deeper discount may apply for jobs with over three display calibrations.

Advanced Audio plus video calibration:

Save $50 of the Advanced Audio calibration when combined with an ISF or Express Plus display calibration in the same visit.

Audyssey Pro touchup:

Save $150 (the Audyssey Pro license fee) if you rearrange or upgrade speakers and need the Audyssey Pro re done using the same receiver or pre/pro.

ISF calibration touch up:

If you schedule a routine touch up on a display I've calibrated in the past, even if it was done several years ago, it will be done at 50% off the normal ISF calibration price.  Note: does not apply to CRT front projectors or CRT rear projectors, or when necessitated by addition of new equipment or system changes.



Basic audio setup does not qualify for discount.

Ways to save